Results from yesterday's and today's events are posted on the results tab of the website. Thank you to everyone who helped put on successful events back to back this weekend.

As a reminder, the computer will not show you in the final results if you had a DNF on all of your runs in one event. This doesn't come up often, but with the Enduro today, it did. This is a limitation of the software and I apologize. Unfortunately, we had several people who skipped their work assignments today. Given that the event went well past the advertised time, we were lenient about this today. However, I have disqualified three drivers who left without any notification. Please let me know if you see any errors in the results.

Points standings after 12 events are also now posted on the results page. DNFing all your runs in an event will result in zero points. Remember, our club rules state you need to run half-plus-one events in a season to qualify for a trophy. This season, that was seven events. Consider the posted results preliminary until I can double check all competitors at all events. Let me know if you spot any errors.

Thank you all for a great 2017!