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Thread: 240Z, enclosed trailer and spares for sale

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    Default 240Z, enclosed trailer and spares for sale

    Hey Folks,

    It's time to let it go and I'll make a great deal to someone local. Everything goes for $10,000, but you need to take EVERYTHING. If it doesn't sell locally, I'll list it on Bring A Trailer next month.

    1971 F Prepared 240-Z autocross/track day car for sale. L-28 engine, 40 over, P90 head ported by former IMSA tech, makes 195 HP and 190 torque on pump gas. Triple webers - 5 speed - LSD. Super light weight, extensive carbon fiber. 15x10 wheels with Avon slicks. Custom lower control arms, coil overs and Bilstein shocks. Contact me for a long list of event results, third party articles and videos of the car. Weight, horsepower and Top Time of Day claims are verified with internet documentation. This is a running-driving car. Change the fluids and you're ready to run next year.

    It's is a great autocross car and has potential as a track day demon. Its very fast due to a strong motor with very little weight. New tires would put you in contention for TTD but you could run what's on it now for at least one season. I can show you where to buy used Avon slick for about $90 each.

    Weight 1,875 lbs with lite wheels/tires/exhaust (In its present configuration its heavier but I have documents from earlier corner weight adjustments to prove the weight potential Roger Krause Racing)
    Carbon Fiber hood and rear hatch. Plexiglass front windshield and rear window.
    No glass no dash no wiring harness (custom wiring for brake lights, temp and ignition oil pressure gauge is mechanical)
    Doors are just the outer metal skins with cabinet hinges welded to the front fenders (weight is the enemy of performance).

    Custom suspension:
    Struts are adjustable spring perches with 2.5 inch springs (currently 400 lbs front and 450 rears are installed, but a range of Eibach springs will go with the car 200 to 600 lbs)
    Custom valved Bilstiens struts (valved by Bilestien to match the weight of the car and the springs).
    Custom lower control arms front and rear (adjustable while on the car for easy alignment). Adjustable Tension Compression Rods. All adjustments are done with heim joints.
    Front camber plates
    Short front steering knuckles (Datsun Comp) to quicken the steering and knuckle spacers for proper front geometry.
    The car currently has a one-inch front bar and inch rear. Front mount points have been reinforce to prevent the frame rail from splitting (it happened on a previous Z). (Extra 1 1/8th and 7/8th bars go with the car)

    Brakes: Fronts are four piston Toyota 4x4 brakes Rears are stock aluminum drums. Braided steel brake lines at all four corners.
    Custom welded roll cage connecting all four suspension points front and rear (car is extremely stiff). We tried a bolt in cage years ago and it did very little to stiffen the chassis. The cage is NOT SCCA legal for the racetrack but built for autocross. It has a rear hoop with connections to the floorboard behind the seats and braces to the rear strut towers. The hoop is also connected to the base of the firewall, where it meets the rocker panels. Straight reinforcement bars then go through the inner fenders to tie in the top of the front strut towers (pics available).

    Engine: L-28 with 40 over flat top pistons and custom cam (Rebello Racing).
    P-90 head shaved as much as possible and ported/polished by an old (but very talented) former IMSA Z mechanic. Approximately 10-1 compression. It runs on 91 octane gas without a problem. 195 RWHP and 186 ft. lbs of torque measured on two different dynos (documentation in hand). Arizona Z Car aluminum oil pan trap doors to prevent oil starvation during high g-force turns. The transmission in the car is a stock ZX 5 speed (sale includes a spare 5 speed - wrapped in plastic and ready to go).

    Radiator: Aluminum three row radiator that could easily handle cooling for a V-8. Includes two stock three row radiators.

    Header: 6 into 1 with 2.5 inch exhaust and turbo muffler built to meet Laguna Seca sound limits. Includes a spare 6 into one header thats coated.

    Datsun Comp R-200 clutch style Limited Slip, which is currently 3.5 but spare 4.11, and 4.44 are included. Custom solid front mount (no rubber). Also included is a spare 3.9 Subaru limited slip with custom output shafts.

    Carbs: The car currently runs Triple 45 Webers and Cannon intake manifold that are dialed in (no stumble even coming out of slow autocross turns). With these carbs it feels like a turbo at about 2,500 rpm. Includes six sets of stock carbs and intake manifolds. Some of which are polished.

    Fuel Cell: Summit Racing 10 gallon plastic cell

    Electronic distributor (ZX) and MSD ignition with 7,200 red line chip. Pulls strong well past 7,200 if the chip is changed (spares for any desired red line are included). Includes at least two or three spares distributors (I forget). Also included is a Mallory Dist.

    No tach or speedo (you dont have time to read them anyway only oil pressure and temp gauges are installed)

    Wheels: Rota (8x15) minilite look alike with Avon slicks. Also MSW dirt track three-piece 9.75 x 15 wheels (outer shell is carbon fiber and super lite weight). Includes one-inch aluminum spacers for proper spacing. All fit the current flares. The car usually runs on 10.5 x 15 Avons. The MSWs are the wheels that help the car get down to 1,875 lbs. They weight about 12 lbs. each and are no longer available.

    Spare engine: A spare L-26 long block is included - along with the engine stand.

    Diesel crank: A polished diesel crank is included - hard to find part that goes for $1,500 on e-bay Or built a 3 liter 300 HP monster motor.

    Seat: Reupholstered Sparco (cloth cover)

    Simpson 5 point harness

    Price includes the trailer!! ($5,000 value)

    The 23 foot??? Haulmark trailer - completely finished inside walls with a metal floor and multiple recessed tie downs. It has cabinets and a metal workbench in front. A parts washer is built into the metal workbench. A 12 volt battery is built in and connects to the truck to recharge it each time it's used. The electrical system is wired for AC and DC. The inside overhead lights are set up the same way (one set for AC and one for DC). The trailer has an extension cord so it can be plugged in over night for lights or a battery charger. It has a couple of spot lights above the large back ramp in case you wanted to do some work outside at night. They're currently in the drawers in front because the screws kept getting loose on long drives (which is on my keep forgetting to do list). It had a 5 hp air compressor, but it was stollen. The wiring and hose are still there - it mounts under the cabinets.

    The outside is not nearly as pretty - it has some rusted screws that have bled on the paneling - easily repaired but will take time (none of the panels need replacement) - some outside lights need to be replaced. The tires were new last year and covered when not in use - it also has a new spare tire. The brakes have been rebuilt and bearings repacked (less than 50 miles traveled).

    The trailer is like having a portable garage and eliminates any anxiety about taking the car out of town.

    Find a buddy to help with expenses and buy a purpose built Z car. The value of the early Z is sky rocketing! All you need is a tow vehicle.


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    Steve I really hate to see you sell this car. I have admired this since my first autocross. It sounds amazing, it's very very fast and will make a great autox car for someone. I hope someone local can jump on this deal so we can keep seeing it at our Fresno events. Good luck Steve.

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    Thanks Reace,
    I hope it stays local too. It would be fun to occasionally come out to see how it does.

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