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Thread: Event 8 results

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    Default Event 8 results

    Event 8 results are posted on the results tab above. Let me know if there are any issues. Thanks to everyone for a great event today!

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    Thank you Paul for the quick results, as always! Also a big shout out to Ric Q for chairing his 3rd event of the season, thank you Ric!!!


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    My added thanks to Paul and to Ric for an awesome course.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks again Paul for getting the results up so quickly. I would also like to thanks everyone who braved the heat to enjoy our event.
    Special thanks go to Gary and Danny, Dennis, Leon and Ryan who helped with set-up on Friday. Last but not least, thanks to everyone
    who stayed and help pick-up and repack the trailer. I can't thank Laura enough for taking over waivers.

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