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Thread: Event 7 Thank you

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    Default Event 7 Thank you

    Thanks go to many who made this event run so flawlessly. Jimmy gets kudos for a fun and challenging course design, Paul for making sure timing went without fault and getting results done in his typical timely and efficient manner and the Cadiente efficient registration. We all know it takes a lot of effort to makes these things happen and this event was a real showcase for how things can work when everything clicks. Thanks to all our club members who helped make it happen.

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    Thanks Gary! I hope the course was fun for everyone, though it did end up being a tad slower than I originally planned.Thanks to everyone who helped me setup on Friday, we were done in about 2.5 hours which was nice, as it was blazing hot on Friday. Thanks to Lorde Grande for co-chairing with me, as well as everyone else who pitched in to make the event a success
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