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Thread: Event 5 & 6 Thank you!

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    Default Event 5 & 6 Thank you!

    Big THANK YOUs to Leon W and Keith B for chairing fun events this weekend! The courses were fun and challenging and things ran along quite smoothly! Leon deserves a prize for wearing so many hats this weekend - event chair, chief of tech, safety steward, announcer, and bicycle cone shagger! Keith did many of those jobs too, as well as also added chief of security to his resume by staying at the site overnight!

    Huge thanks to all who stayed on Sunday to clean up and pack the trailer - with so many helping hands, the trailer was packed in record time!

    Special thank you to Justin T for subbing for chief of registration on Saturday - great job! And to Thomas K for helping with timing! Speaking of timing, thank you to Paul N for keeping us rolling along with few delays and getting results posted so quickly!

    Lastly, thank you to everyone who came out and raced this weekend, and big thanks to those of you who brought a friend to race too! Without all of you, our club can't exist!!

    Hope to see everyone at the next event, July 8!
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    Everything that Audrey said. And I would also like to thank Ric, Keith, Danny, & Gary for their help with setup Friday afternoon. Without you guys, I think I would still be out there trying to get the course right.


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    Thanks to everyone for their work in making it a pair of successful events!
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