I'm not sure if they shut the online reg. down early - or if I'm doing something wrong. But I can't get signed up. i'm trying for Sunday - and will be there even if I'm not registered. See ya then


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About this weekend...

1. Online registration for BOTH Saturday and Sunday events ends Friday, June 9 at 8pm. Save time and money and please register online!

2. We are in need of safety stewards, chief of registration and chief of waivers for Saturday's event. Please let us know if you can do any of these jobs. Without enough safety stewards, we cannot run the event.

3. The weather is expected to be perfect for autox - 80 degrees on Saturday and 75 on Sunday (is this really June?). Registrations are low for both days, so please spread the word to friends and family! It would be a great weekend to share your love of autox with others!

Hope to see you there!