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Thread: May 2017 Meeting Agenda

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    Default May 2017 Meeting Agenda

    Our meeting is this Wednesday (5/17) at MB2 Raceway in the Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis, at 7PM. Here's what I have so far for our agenda, please let me know if you feel there should be anything added:1. Events 3 and 4 - feedback on what went well, what didn't work out, etc.2. Events 5 and 63. Event chair recruiting
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    Default Cleanup

    Hey Jimmy,

    Sorry I have not been able to make any of the recent meetings otherwise I would keep bringing this up as an issue. After the last event Tyler and I swept a large area of the track that was not only dirty, it can be dangerous for some beginners. Fresno is already one of the slickest courses out there due to the smooth pavement, why not clean it up a bit for our events. I am just wondering why we cannot purchase a $150 blower from home depot

    This would make quick work of the cleanup and provide a much more enjoyable experience for everyone, especially those with slicks. Not to mention help out with less punctures, which we get a ton of here.

    If fuel is the worry, just get this ready mix which lasts a while and is idiot proof.

    If you need someone to do the leg work, let me know. I am more than willing to help.

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