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Thread: Rd 3 & 4 Chief roll call

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    Default Rd 3 & 4 Chief roll call

    Time for the Chiefs to check-in for this weekends Event.
    The plan is to have the trailer on site by 4pm on Friday
    for set-up. If there are any questions we should have
    answers at the meeting Wednesday night.
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    Default Need somebody to cover waivers

    The Chief of Waivers will be at Auto Club Speedway, Fontana flagging for The Porsche Festival of Speed. We need somebody to cover gate waivers the entire time the gate is open. Keep in mind this is can be a work assignment for your run group. Instead of shagging cones, you get to sit in a chair and meet and greet people as thy come in through the gate. I'll leave it up to the Event Chairs to work out the details and ensure the gate is covered. Or, would somebody volunteer to be Chief of Waivers for the day and take care of making sure the gate is staffed. By doing so, you get a discount on your entry
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    SSS Event 3 and 4 Sign Up

    Event 3

    RG 1: Gary McDaniel
    RG 2: Gary Lieb
    RG 3:
    RG 4: Dennis Feasel

    Event 4

    RG 1: Gary Lieb
    RG 2: Gary McDaniel
    RG 3: Dennis Feasel
    RG 4:

    I will have copies of the new "Incident Report" form and the "Accident Medical Insurance Claim Form" at Wednesday's meeting and this weekends events.
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    Event 3 RG 1 and Event 4 RG 2 Safety. Most likely will not be there for afternoon runs.

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    Checking in for timing, both days.

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    Tech checking in for the 22nd and 23rd.


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    When o you want the trailer? put me down for SSS event 3 rg2, and event 4 rg1.
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    Default Missed entry deadline

    I guess I missed the entry deadline for these two events by a few hours. Can I still enter on site?
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