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    Just got done with my April Grassroots magazine, they have a write up on iRacing, anybody on locally? Is it worth the $13? Other input.....


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    Depends on what you're looking for.

    If you want to race online, (and online only) iRacing has a great system. The skill and safety ratings in the sim keep you racing with people on your level. The player base is deep so there is always competition at every level. It gets pricey though. You pay $13 a month, but that alone doesn't get you much, just a handful of low tier cars and tracks. You pay another $10-15 (one time cost) for every car or track you want to add. For example, to do a 12-week season of the GT3 series, you need one $10 car and 12 $15-ish tracks. The realism level is very high when it comes to car dynamics, but that is also unforgiving which can become a hurdle to having a real immersive experience.

    RaceRoom is another option for PC sim racing that has been developing quickly. It has a similar price structure to iRacing where you buy all your content separately, however the costs are much lower. It's free to try and there is no monthly fee. Racing is both online and offline against AI. The developers are building iRacing-like online functionality with ratings and skill based matchmaking, targeting the e-sports crowd, but it hasn't been implemented yet.

    IRacing might be the most hardcore-accurate simulation and RaceRoom might be the most fun, but a third option is my favorite: Assetto Corsa. The online experience is lacking compared to iRacing, but to me AC has the most satisfying, most intuitive, most immersive feeling of driving a real car. But that's all subjective. AC's pricing is like that a console game: $30 plus about $10 for each DLC pack. And there is a lot of diverse content (including a current Mustang).


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