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Thread: February 2017 Meeting Agenda

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    Default February 2017 Meeting Agenda

    Our meeting is this Wednesday (2/15) at MB2 Raceway in the Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis, at 7PM. Here's what I have so far for our agenda, please let me know if you feel there should be anything added:

    1. Event Chair recruiting
    2. Run group reshuffling
    3. Clarification on raising entry fees (check last month's minutes)
    4. 2017 Driving School Instructor Recruitment/Discussion
    5. Ways to increase our social media presence in order to spread word of the club and our events (IE: creating additional accounts on social media platforms)
    6. Switching to a 2 run group format that would run both morning and afternoon; this would help alleviate our worker shortage and would give everyone more runs - the downside would be that everyone who wanted afternoon runs would need to stay for the entire event

    As usual, stay for the karting after the meeting! Winners of each race will get a discount to an event, so hope to see you there!
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