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Thread: Helmet question for track use

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    Default Helmet question for track use

    Can anyone tell me if I will be allowed to use an open face helmet for scca, nasa, or just any other generic track day events, in my Miata? Looking to buy a new one and its use for track competition is a factor. Also does it have to be Snell certified or can I get a motorcycle rated one?
    Thanks for any help on this subject.
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    Since you are buying new, it would be best to buy Snell rated helmet with a visor. I once was pulled off the track because I did not have any "eye protection." Then they saw my glasses and said OK.

    Most track day sponsors will send - or post on their web site - a check list of things they want you to check on your own before coming to the track. On that list will be their helmet requirements. Sometimes you have to turn in the completed check list when registering before going on track. No completed check list, no on track.

    Disclaimer: I have never been to an SCCA Track Night and it's been years since I did NASA. It would be best to check with Teddie Alexandrova as she is in charge of Track Night at Thunderhill. She would know.
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    Visors are a good thing (I know we don't get much deer on track out here, but broken glass at speed is no fun at all):

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