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    Default Toyota 86 Q

    Just cruising around on the Internet tonight and looking at the Toyota 86. I see that you can order the car with lowering springs, exhaust, 2 sway bars......they call these packages "kits" how does SCCA classify these mods? Would this car be classified CS with all these goodies?


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    Hi Keith,
    Yeah that describes a C Street car. Those parts were part of a "port installed option" If you have a Frs
    without those pieces the car will be in D Street for 2017.
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    So if they move the BRZ and non TRD FRS into D-Street won't they get eaten up by the WRX? Looking at all of last years results even the TRD FRS is not running in front of the WRX for the most part.

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    Just my 2 cents, It looks likes my 2014 Mustang V6 will also be in D-Street for 2017.


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