Here is something that was passed to me by the Miata club. If interested, contact this person, not me. I'm just a 3rd generation messenger.

From: Corbett Loving []
Sent: Thursday, October 6, 2016 9:44 AM
Subject: Parts Miata

Good morning,
I have a parts Miata (91) that has overstayed it’s welcome at my friends ranch near Valley Children’s Hospital. I am hoping that someone from your club might be interested in taking it off my hands, and more importantly, taking it off the property. It is currently wheel-less ( I used those…), but other than that mostly intact. If anyone you know may be interested in parts, I’m fine with that too, as the less of it to get rid of, the better (although my preference is for the whole thing to go). I am not looking to make money, I am looking to get rid of it. I thought that perhaps your club, or members thereof might be interested. Please let me know if you know of anyone that might be interested in it, or parts of it.
Thank you for the consideration!

Corbett M. Loving
U.S. History Instructor
Clovis North Education Center

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