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Thread: RPF1 17x9 +45 5x114/Ohlins DFV

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    Default RPF1 17x9 +45 5x114/Ohlins DFV

    My car was hit from behind and has been turned over to USAA (totaled). Wheels were not mounted at the time, and there is no damage to the Ohlins. Basically a minor accident with just enough damage to exced the repair threshold. Sorry to see the car go, I loved the way it felt on the Ohlins. Time to move on to something else.

    Enkei RPF1 17x9 +45 5x115
    Normal wear and tear from from frequent install/removal. Used for AutoX. Tires are almost done Dunlop DZ101.

    OHLINS DFV $1700.00
    Installed Feb '16. 5K miles since install.

    Front: 80 N/mm(458 lbs/in.) Rear: 40 N/mm(229 Lbs/in.)Ohlins has lead the way for suspension design in the world of motorsports for decades. This package comprises mono tube design shocks, with 25 clicks of adjustment. The beauty of the Ohlins is not only will your RX8 handle better, be easier to drive at the limit, but it will also ride better than stock.
    This is a great choice for the dual purpose user who wants a setup that can be VERY comfortable around town yet super competent in the twisties, the race track, or the autocross course. See our Forum Installation Instruction section for notes and pictures on install.
    Includes rear adjustment cables to make adjustment of the rear damping on the car easy! Front is already easy, just lift the hood to adjust.
    Ohlins 1 med.jpg
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    Damn, dude. I'm so sorry to hear...

    Any plans to start another build? If so, Assuming not an RX8?
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