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Thread: April 2016 Meeting Agenda

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    Default April 2016 Meeting Agenda

    1. Updates on items that were purchased/still need to be purchased (radios, laptops, etc.)
    2. Event 4 paperwork
    3. Madera Speedway - freshly paved infield
    4. Crows Landing NT + Pro Solo

    As usual, feel free to add to the agenda if you feel like I've missed something. See everyone on Wednesday night!
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    I have been trying to join your car club for sometime now. I showed up tonight (Weds. @ 6:15pm) @ Yosemite Falls & no one was there. Please contact me @ for the next meeting date/time and location. I would really appreciate it.

    thank u

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    Well, Jill, since nobody has answered you yet, I will. You had the right night, wrong place. About 3 months ago (maybe 1st of the year) the meeting place and date was changed from 3rd Monday at Yosemite Falls to 3rd Wednesday at MB2 Indoor Kart Track in Sierra Vista Mall. It was tried for a couple of months and seemed to be popular so it was changed permanently. Sorry about the mix-up.

    BTW: You can not join "our car club" at our meetings. You have to join the Sports Car Club of America through the national web site at

    Where, or how, did you learn of Wednesday meetings at Yosemite Falls? That has never been; only Mondays at Yosemite Falls. If that incorrect information is out there someplace, we need to get it corrected.

    Another BTW: Quicker, and more up-to-date, information is published on out Face Book group SCCA Fresno Chapter - SFR: Join that group and a regular reminder will be sent to you - via FaceBook - each month.

    This site is now mostly just used for general autocross chatter.
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