On this day in History, November 28, 1895:

Frank Duryea driving a car of his own design won the very first auto race ever held in the United States. Six cars entered. The Duryea, three Benz's, and two electric cars. It went from Chicago to Waukegan and back, 54 miles, and was held in one of Illinois worst snow storms. Winning time was 10 hrs.23 mins. at an average speed of 5 1/4 mph.

In 1896 Duryea was the largest producer of "horseless carriages" in the United States. The Benz later became Daimler Benz, then Mercedes-Benz. And, well, the two electrics, having stopped just after the start, wouldn't be heard of again for almost 100 years. Now Duryea doesn't even exist, Mercedes Benz is one of the largest car companies in the world and the electric car fell by the way side from the phenomenal technology of the Internal Combustion Engine only to reemerge in the later part of the 20th century as "New Technology".

My, how far we have come in 120 years.