This came out a few weeks ago but just went into effect this week - a new Street Touring class called STP. Here's what was laid out on SoloMatters:

STP Supplemental Class:

The STP Supplemental class will be created effective 10/20/2015 (the expected publication date of the November Fastrack). Competitors are reminded that the SEB has the power to create supplemental classes without BOD approval and that supplemental classes do not follow the same 'rules season' established classes do, so its possible that these rules may receive further tweaks as we gather experience with the concept.

Major changes since the published proposal include the addition of the 2010-2014 1LE Camaro, 2015 – 2016 Mustang, and '79-'93 Mustangs with fuel injection. The entire proposal with these updates is published here for reference:
Effective immediately add the following new class, designated STP, for inclusion as a supplemental class for all national level solo events and optional inclusion in regional events. The allowances will mirror those in the Street Touring category, with the following additions:


  • STP, Independent Rear Suspension: 285 mm maximum width
  • STP, Live Axle Rear Suspension: 315 mm maximum width


  • STP, Independent Rear Suspension: 10" Maximum Width
  • STP, Live Axle Rear Suspension: 11" Maximum Width


  • May use any mechanical LSD unit

Eligible Vehicles:

  • Chevrolet Camaro (2010 - 2014) (SS, V6, 1LE)
  • Chevrolet Camaro (1993 - 2002) (SS, Z28, V6)
  • Chevrolet Camaro (1982 - 1992) (N/A, fuel injected) (excluding 1LE)
  • Dodge Challenger (2008 - 2015) (N/A)
  • Dodge Charger (2006 - 2015) (N/A)
  • Ford Mustang (2015-2016) (2.3T, V6, GT)
  • Ford Mustang (2005 - 2014) (GT, V6)
  • Ford Mustang (1994 - 2004) (GT, V6)
  • Ford Mustang (1979 - 1993) (N/A, fuel injected)
  • Pontiac Firebird (1993 - 2002) (LT1, LS1, V6)
  • Pontiac Firebird (1982 - 1992) (N/A, fuel injected) (excluding GTA and Formula)

American RWD V8 powered sedans, must be naturally aspirated with a wheelbase greater than 100" and a listed curb weight greater than 3200#, NOC (not eligible for national level competition)

This was posted early before the November Fastrack released, here's the link to the page -